Why Black Seed Oil Will Blow Your Mind In 2020

By Sasha Nialla

Black Seed Benefits infographic
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What is black seed oil? How do you use black seed oil? What are the black seed oil benefits for men? Let’s answer the questions we are all wondering.

Over time, these aromatic and flavorful seeds have earned the prominent distinction of being “a remedy for everything but death.” From radiant hair, skin, and nails to immune support and healthy digestive function; whatever your body needs, black seed oil delivers in a big way.

Dating as far back as ancient Egypt, black seeds were reportedly found in King Tut’s tomb. Scientists suspect that Cleopatra used black seed oil for her hair to maintain her long, shiny hair and youthful glow. In modern times, Indian and Arabic cultures refer to these seeds as “habbatul barakah,” or seed of blessing, for their powers in treating various illnesses, boosting energy, and lifting spirits

Black seed oil originates from black cumin seeds that have exhibited surprisingly incredible health benefits since ancient times. The black cumin plant, which belongs to the ranunculus family, is native to Southwestern Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The plant is technically a member of the buttercup species and has small, black, crescent-shaped seeds.

Black seed, scientifically classified as Nigella Sativa, contains the powerhouse antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, Thymoquinone. It also boasts two other incredibly potent phytochemicals, Thymol and Thymohydroquinone. These phytochemicals are extremely important to our physical fortune.

These three essential natural chemicals work to promote liver health, fight cancer, combat diabetes, aid in weight loss, benefit hair growth, protect skin, treat infections, balance cholesterol, and improve fertility. Let’s dive into the many ways black seed oil will blow your mind.





For anyone looking to add a bundle of joy to their family, this could be just the natural boost needed. Although this fertility enhancement is helpful for pacifying issues related to the reproductive system, it doesn’t have any immediate effects on female fertility. Stealing the show are the fertility benefits of black seed oil for men. Studies have shown black seed oil to positively effect sperm counts, mobility, and morphology. Daily intake of 5ml of black seed oil a day for two months can increase sperm quality without any adverse effects.



It’s reassuring when the products we put on our skin are free of sketchy ingredients. Applying black seed oil to skin surfaces seems to have endless perks while being all-natural.

From acne reduction to prevention and treatment of scars, black seed oil does it all. Using black seed oil for my skin exhibited the same level of effectiveness on eczema outbreaks and inflammation as other medically-prescribed solutions.

Black seed oil for hair extends to the scalp as well, controlling troublesome dandruff and dryness to ensure flakiness never gets the best of us again. Furthermore, using black seed oil for hair adds length and strength to locks while addressing hair loss and encouraging growth. Rub some on that bald spot and behold the appearance of your long lost hair!

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The trio of potent phytochemicals in black seed oil makes it a prominent player in the war against cancer. These compounds exhibit anti-tumor properties and induce apoptosis, or the demise of cancer cells, in patients who have leukemia, breast cancer, brain tumors, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, and even oral cancer. With such an impressive resume, it’s truly incredible that more people aren’t already singing the praises of this tiny seed. 



This ‘seed of blessing’ is one of the few substances that assists in preventing both type 1 and type 2 diabetes without any serious consequences. It’s able to achieve this by improving blood sugar and cholesterol levels while increasing glucose tolerance. This information is extremely promising for those affected by diabetes. Many of the current remedies present a wide range of unpleasant side effects.  



When we think of weight loss, oil isn’t usually the first place our minds go. However, black seed is about to change that with its ability to regulate glucose levels and fight obesity. Unlike the flurry of fad diets in today’s society, this oil is scientifically proven to decrease body weight and body mass. As if we didn’t already have enough reasons to love it. 



As I mentioned before, Hippocrates relied on black seed oil to avoid digestive issues like bloating, gas, and stomach aches. The oildemonstrates antispasmodic tendencies on the intestinal lining, soothing any uncomfortable cramping sensations.

In addition, the presentation of antioxidants, B vitamins, and acids support and balance the immune system. This quality sets black seed apart from other immunity-boosting herbs like echinacea and elderberry. It’s able to increase immunity without stimulating reactions against healthy tissues in the body is highly unique.



The impressive antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components in black seed oil bring the immune system the boost it needs to fight allergies and asthma. Multiple studies have confirmed its anti-asthmatic attributes and linked these same results to a decrease in allergy symptoms. Finally, an all-natural solution to tackle even the worst case of sniffles and sneezes.


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You might be wondering how to take black seed oil? Implementing black seed oil can be as simple as applying it topically to skin, nails, and hair. You can include a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil. Doing this ensures you’ll be walking around with the same luminosity and confidence as Cleopatra.

Prāz Naturals make a lightweight black seed oil based body, face, hair oil. It is great for pretty much anywhere. Made with organic, fresh, cold-pressed ingredients. The All In One black seed oil for skin can diminish acne scarring, dryness and signs of aging. I love applying it just out of the shower while my skin is still damp. It soaks right in. Another method for saving your strands by promoting hair growthis by adding black seed oil to shampoo and conditioner.

An added option to reap the benefits, by drizzling pure black seed oil over veggies or salads in place of olive oil. There are loads of ways to get creative in the kitchen using black seeds. For an internal detox in a pinch, take one teaspoon of black seed oil straight at morning and night. When it comes to proper dosages, use common sense. Just because black seed oil is nutritionally potent doesn’t mean that more is always better. Incorporating black seed oil for your hair as you would any other ingredient; in balanced and moderate quantities. As with most natural substances, you can face expiration issues if the oil isn’t extracted, processed, or packaged correctly.


Black seeds in a bowl

Black seed oil originates from black cumin seeds that have exhibited surprisingly incredible health benefits since ancient times. The black cumin plant, which belongs to the ranunculus family, is native to Southwestern Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The plant is technically a member of the buttercup species and has small, black, crescent-shaped seeds. Also known as black cumin seed oil, nigella sativa oil, or kalonji oil; this amber-hued substance is used as an herbal supplement, skin care product, and cooking ingredient. Black cumin seed oil produces a wide range of health benefits. While some rely solely on its oil form, other cultures use the slightly bitter seeds. They are a flavoring agent or spice to add in a kick of wellness to traditional recipes.

Be mindful not to confuse black seed oil with true cumin, black pepper, black sesame or black cohosh. You don’t want to miss out on the bounty of health-promoting perks brought on by the real deal.

Black seed oil has been used to heal headaches, toothaches, chest congestion, joint pain, infections, parasites, and many other illnesses. Recent studies have shown its effectiveness against different forms of cancer, diabetes, asthma, menstrual disorders, and high blood pressure.

Now don’t assume for a second that all these benefits are internal. Black seed oil also does wonders on our largest organ as well. In addition to preserving a radiant complexion, black seed oil treats skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. Prāz makes a high quality, organic, fresh, food grade black seed oil blend, All In One oil. This black seed oil blend can repair acne scarring, control oil production and ultra-moisturize dry skin. Apply just out of the shower and your skin with thank you.


As mentioned earlier, black seed contains three important antioxidants and anti-inflammatories; Thymoquinone, Thymol and Thymohydroquinone.

Thymol is the element responsible for giving thyme essential oil its medicinal properties. It acts as a disinfectant, pesticide, and virucide. In addition, it’s handy for flavoring food, perfumes, mouthwashes, and cosmetics. Pretty crazy, right?

Thymohydroquinone is one of the most impressive natural AChE inhibitors known to man. Without getting too technical, AChE inhibitors are chemicals that stop enzyme activity in the brain. These inhibitors are used medicinally to manage several severe conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Autism, Glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, and Schizophrenia.

In a study, scientists examined Thymol, Thymohydroquinone, and Thymoquinone against 30 human pathogens. They found each phytochemical displayed 100 percent interception against the 30 pathogens assessed. This study proves that fungus and molds cannot survive in the presence of these three phytochemicals. No wonder scientists are attempting to fight superbugs with black seed oil.

In a study led by Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, researchers compared black seed oil to several antibiotics. It demonstrated its potency against superbugs. The study concluded “out of 144 strains tested, most were resistant to a number of antibiotics, 97 were inhibited by black cumin seed oil.”

I like those odds. What do you think? Will you use black seed oil to treat skin conditions, improve male fertility, weight loss, fight cancer cells, and prevent allergies and aid in digestion? Black seed oil benefits are endless. Let us know your favorite use for black seed oil.

Sasha Nialla Skincare expert


Sasha is a wellness writer & advertising photographer based in Brooklyn, NY