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Black Seed Oil Body Moisturizer



Award-winning lightweight moisturizer blends plant oils to soothe and hydrate dry skin and nurture hair. Black seed oil diminishes dryness and scarring, while eucalyptus oil relaxes muscles and repairs both skin and hair damage. Great right after the shower, use all over for immediate moisture that never leaves you shiny or greasy.

Why We Believe in Our All In One Oil

    • For centuries, parts of Asia and the Middle East have used black seed oil for men and women, relying on its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties to diminish signs of aging, treat thinning hair, and enrich skin.

    • Plant-based antioxidants combined with vitamins C and E offer strong UV protection, minimize red skin, and reduce hyper-pigmentation.

    • Eucalyptus oil acts as a natural antiseptic that relaxes muscular aches and sores, making this moisturizer a great massage oil option.


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Paraben Free Skincare


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Cruelty Free Skincare



  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Omega 3, 6, & 9
  • Repairs Skin Barrier
  • Restores Thinning Hair
  • Aids in Healing Minor Burns 
  • Ultra-Moisturizes Dry Hair & Skin


  • APPLY a small amount to cleansed damp skin AM and PM.
  • MASSAGE in scalp, ends of hair and dry skin and skin burns.


  • BLACK SEED OIL: Botanical grown in Eastern Europe and Western Asia – Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant. For hair and body that leaves skin moisturized and diminished signs of aging.
  • EUCALYPTUS EXTRACT: Natural antiseptic relaxes muscular aches and sores, repairs damaged skin cells and improves hair shine.
  • PHYTIC + FERULIC ACID: Plant-based antioxidant used in Japan for centuries – blended with vitamins C + E. Strong UV protection, heals hyper-pigmentation and reduces signs of aging skin.
  • ROSEHIP SEED OIL: Rich in essential fatty acids – Omega 3, 6, 9 and vitamin C – integral for firming and reducing the appearance of scars, fine lines, brown spots and pigmentation.
  • Pure Rice Bran Oil (Orzo sativa)
  • Organic Sunflower Oil (Helianthus annuus)
  • Organic Avocado Oil (Persea americana)
  • Organic Black Cumin Oil (Nigella sativa)
  • Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis)
  • Organic Rosehip Oil (Rosa rubiginosa)
  • Organic Vitamin E Oil (Tocopherols Non-GMO Soy sources)
  • Organic Lemon Oil (Citrus limon)
  • Organic Eucalyptus Oil (Tasmanian blue gum)
  • Organic Purple Coneflower Oil (Echinacea pupurea)
All In One Oil Drops
I used the black seed oil on a burn from the oven. It took the pain away almost immediately and my skin healed within a couple of days.


Natural salts and deep-cleansing minerals team up to give your achy muscles the relief they’ve been looking for. 

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Why Black Seed Oil Will Blow Your Mind.

Using black seed oil for my skin exhibited the same level of effectiveness on eczema outbreaks and inflammation as other medically-prescribed solutions.

Black seed oil for hair extends to the scalp as well, controlling troublesome dandruff and dryness to ensure flakiness never gets the best of us again. Furthermore, using black seed oil for hair adds length and strength to locks while addressing hair loss and encouraging growth. 



Rated 5 / 5

  1. Brooks D. December 21, 2020

    I use it every morning on my face after a shower, and nightly before bed, and every time after I wash my hair. It’s the only oil I use.

  2. Yolanda S. November 18, 2020

    I have sensitive skin and get rashes and eczema breakouts every now and then, especially in colder dryer weather. As soon as I started using the All In One oil every morning after my shower, I saw unbelievable results!

  3. Darren G. November 1, 2020

    I also use it as a shaving cream in the shower and moisturizer before bed. My girlfriend loves how good I smell. Thank you prāz.

  4. Jessica June 10, 2020

    This is my absolute favorite! Smells divine and feels so good on my skin.

  5. Christine H. February 3, 2020

    Love, love, LOVE!!! My skin feels silky smooth and moisturized. AND it’s the perfect joint pain solution. A sufferer of chronic joint pain, especially in my hand, I was searching for a non-pharmaceutical product to ease the pain, and I got so much more! Thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits, the All In One has worked wonders on my trigger thumb. The smell of Eucalyptus is a wonderful, relaxing bonus. The perfect ALL IN ONE!!!

  6. Eileen McGinley Hannaford January 23, 2020

    Superb! I would thoroughly recommend!

  7. Ahdaci January 15, 2020

    My favorite skin oil. It’s very light and makes my skin feel soft and smooth!

  8. Gennifer O. November 15, 2019

    I use it everywhere: face, neck, arms, legs, and as an after bath all-over moisturizer.

  9. Sami D. October 10, 2019

    Love everything about this product. My skin feels incredibly soft and the smell of the oil is amazing. I feel like I’m treating myself to spa treatment every day.

  10. Ashley B. July 11, 2019

    I love the smell of eucalyptus which is present but not overpowering in this oil- it smells INCREDIBLE. what I like most about this product is that this oil is actually very moisturizing while being super light and non-greasy. I use it mostly on my neck and face but have used it to treat sunburn on my body (Black cumin oil is anti-inflammatory). I have bought many other oils from other brands and this one is definitely my favorite- the violet glass seems to be no joke, you can tell this product has remained super fresh and potent just from smelling it. such a perfect blend!

  11. Dylan & Rama June 28, 2019

    This oil smells AMAZING!!! I use it in the morning and my skin feels really soft. The eucalyptus smell feels so refreshing. I love it!!

  12. Janelle G. March 1, 2019

    I stopped wearing makeup! I use the All In One oil everywhere; face, neck, arms, legs. I get compliments on my skin. My friend asked if I was wearing foundation.

  13. Taylor M. February 18, 2019

    I can skip the shaving cream. I apply a few drops in my hands, rub all over my face and neck and shave. Smoothest shave ever. No pain or razor burns. Highly recommend.

  14. Chelsea T. February 5, 2019

    This oil works great as a facial moisturizer! And it smells so good. Like I’m at the spa.

  15. Muriam N. January 21, 2019

    My favorite everyday oil. So light my skin absorbs it quickly and no pimples so far. I will keep using this with my other products.

  16. Chris T. January 18, 2019

    It literally makes my skin glow and leaves me feeling super moisturized without the greasy feeling some oils can leave behind. Heavy enough to combat my irritable dry patches but light enough that it doesn’t clog my pores.

  17. Danielle S. December 22, 2018

    Yum. Smells so good. I love the eucalyptus scent. And I have smooth, healthy skin.