Sasha Nialla CEO of PRĀZ
Photo by Ashley Boman

Who is Sasha,
What is PRĀZ &
Why should I care?

I never used a ton of product or makeup, even as a teen. I think this tilt toward minimalism is due to teachings from a young age. My mother is French and a bit of a caricature of the elegant French woman. As a young girl I can remember her being effortless in her beauty. By her side each morning, together we would get ready for the day. Her routine mostly included washing, moisturizing, and pulling her hair back. In her younger years she was a model in Paris and I really admired that time in her life. I grew up in California, it seemed exotic and glamorous. 

Living an outdoor lifestyle, learning about gardening, caring for the planet was a big part of my upbringing  in California. In high school I remember mixing my own oils from food grade ingredients and rejecting name brands – packed with carcinogens.


Years went on and I built my career as a commercial advertising photographer. I consider myself very fortunate to have had such success with my photography. I’ve traveled and met so many good people in the industry. As it relates to Prāz, I spent a lot of time on set with makeup artists and haircare professionals. I loved getting recommendations on products and garnishing bits of knowledge from the pros. These are the people who know the most about what’s out there. Makeup artists and stylists are always being sent products to try in the hopes they will use a line on set or pass it along to high end clients. Having these people as a network was invaluable to me in starting Prāz. Since I had been formulating my own oils which I would carry around and use throughout the day. Face Revive Oil is something I have been making and tweaking for years. I had clients who wanted to buy it off me. 

And then Prāz Naturals and my first child, Lula, was born. 

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