11 Surprising Tamanu Oil Benefits You Need Today.

By Sasha Nialla

Tamanu Oil Benefits
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What is tamanu oil? What are tamanu oil benefits? Celebrities actually weren’t the first to reap the benefits of this miracle oil. Tamanu oil was thought as a divine gift from nature by the ancient Polynesians and an intricate part of Southeast Asian medicine – for centuries. Native Tahitians have been using tamanu oil to help improve a broad range of skin conditions, dating back thousands of years.

The word is out, let’s all benefit from tamanu oil’s powerful healing abilities. In addition to banishing primary areas of concern to everything including deodorant, chapstick, cleanser, scrub, deep conditioner, and itch relief tamanu oil can solve problems that you didn’t even realize you had.

I could’ve kept going on that list, but I’ll save some skin-saving surprises for later.




You'll Look And Feel Younger 

Tamanu oil is chock full of fatty acids that serve as antioxidants to fight and neutralize free radicals. These components contribute to enhanced cell function. Resulting in healthier, more vibrant skin. 

Free radical damage causes the skin to lose its collagen and elasticity. This leads to a surplus of wrinkles and blemishes. Tamanu oil puts the brakes on that process to keep you looking younger, longer!


It Won't Let A Cold Ruin Your Day

Tamanu oil holds the incredible ability to penetrate all three layers of the skin and enter your bloodstream. This feature helps boost the immune system with high levels of anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial compounds. Environmental pollutants, pathogens, and irritants don’t stand a chance! Think of it as an “immune system shield” for your skin, reinforcing its first line of defense.

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Stretch Marks Don't Stand A Chance 

Stretch marks affect tons of people. It seems virtually impossible to eliminate. Fear not, tamanu oil benefits can help fade stretch marks with its powerful cell regeneration and renewal capabilities. Keep the oil nearby during pregnancy to ward off stretch marks or use it to fade existing marks.


It's A Natural Sun Block

Studies show tamanu oil can defend against UV-damage and oxidative stress. Tamanu oil has a natural SPF range of 18 to 22. Polynesians actually used the oil to protect their skin from unrelenting sunlight, long before scientists proved its effectiveness.


Skin Irritations are Remedied

In addition to its potent healing and pain soothing powers, tamanu oil shields the skin and calms irritated areas. The hands, feet, and underarms are examples of highly susceptible areas to bacterial infection. The oil’s cooling, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating qualities all help lessen irritation so you can get about your life.


It Gets Rid Of Those Pesky Scars

Tamanu oil benefits stimulate the growth of healthy skin tissues, in a process scientifically known as “cicatrization.” Scars don’t have to be permanent if you treat them with ingredients that support skin regeneration.

The antioxidant-packed nature of this oil makes it perfect for dressing wounds, cuts, scrapes, bruises and other injuries. The fatty acids and antioxidants not only stimulate the healing process of damaged cells but also lessen the visibility of any scars left behind. 

The Ancient Polynesians used tamanu oil to cure all kinds of wounds, and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me!



You'll Smell Fresh As A Daisy

Yes, one of tamanu oil benefits is a natural deodorant! It’s also a great remedy for stinky feet. The oil has a distinct, nutty aroma that most people find rather enjoyable. When applied to the feet and toes, it also helps kill fungal infections!


Various Skin Ailments Are Magically Healed

Tamanu oil is among the best choices for improving a variety of skin conditions. These include rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne, sores, warts, ulcers, insect bites, allergic reactions, and other outbreaks. 

Tamanu oil seeps through all layers of the skin to provide antimicrobial properties. It gets right to the root of the problem.


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Luscious Locks Are A Reality

When it comes to serving healthier hair, tamanu oil benefits are unparalleled – It tackles everything from moisture, shine, and frizz to scalp fungal infections, lice, and dandruff. 

Tamanu oil comes to the rescue with antifungal and antimicrobial properties that eliminate embarrassing dandruff and the itching that comes with it. 

Run some tamanu oil through your lifeless strands to replace lost oils, tame flyaways, and leave your hair radiantly healthy. Use it as a deep conditioner, overnight mask, or pre-shampoo treatment to ensure that your hair gets the attention it deserves.


You Won't Be In Pain Anymore

For fast pain relief in a pinch, tamanu oil brings your body precisely what it needs. Loaded with analgesic attributes, it acts as a much-needed pain reliever for various ailments and injuries. Experience how it soothes sore joints areas of chronic pain, insect bites, and sunburns by topically applying the oil to the affected area. 

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Relief From The Trauma of Teething 

There’s honestly nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain, and let’s face it – Teething is about as bad as it gets. Tamanu oil can help soothe your little one and bring some harmony back to your household. Simply dilute a small amount of the oil in coconut oil and rub on your baby’s gums. The gentle massage will feel great, and the pain-relieving properties of tamanu will provide instant comfort.


The word “tamanu” originates from Tahiti, but it’s also referred to as “kamani” in Hawaii, “dilo” in Fiji, and “ballnut” in Australia.

Tamanu oil comes from the nuts grown on the beautiful, flowering tamanu trees. The tree, which can be found in Polynesia, Melanesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other tropical regions, provides a small yellow fruit with a large nut kernel inside – This is where the rich oil lives. 

According to Polynesian culture, the most exceptional quality tamanu oil comes from the trees that grow nearest to the coast, as the salty, sandy soil positively affects the oil.

It is an arduous process of extracting tamanu oil. For up to two months, the nuts are laid out away from moisture in a climate-controlled space. As the nuts begin to dry, a dark-colored, sticky oil appears on the surface, harvested and turned into our precious tamanu oil.

Each tree blooms twice a year and can typically return around five kilograms of oil per year. Hence why tamanu oil is relatively expensive compared to other oils.

Let’s get into why you need to run out and buy Tamanu oil, yesterday.

What Are Some Historical Uses Of Tamanu Oil?

tamanu oil

At the turn of the 20th century, knowledge of tamanu oil and its capacity to treat leprosy while alleviating pain made its way to the Western World. Around 1918, French scientists discovered its vast uses in skin care, including its ability to help damaged skin heal and regenerate. 

Despite its impressive lineup of benefits, the cost and hassle of transporting it outside the South Pacific has caused tamanu oil to be overlooked for decades.

Where to buy Tamanu oil? Prāz Naturals makes a lightweight, anti aging tamanu oil blend, Face Revive Oil. I have been using this product for over 10 years. I love putting it on at night just after I cleansed my face and my skin is still damp. A little goes a long way. 

What Are The
Possible Side Effects?

While the adverse side effects from tamanu oil are rare, it’s essential to control your dosage. Especially the first few times you apply it. Conduct a test patch on your skin, to see if you experience any allergic reactions on a smaller scale. Some people have reported irritation, redness, or itchy skin which is typically caused by using a concentration that’s too strong. Luckily, that’s an easy fix – If you feel any kind of irritation, try diluting the oil in a carrier oil.

People with a tree nut allergy should avoid this oil – Because it’s a nut… from a tree.

Keep in mind that tamanu oil isn’t an appropriate replacement for medical treatment. If you have a severe injury, it’s vital that you seek immediate medical treatment.

Adequate research on the effects of internal consumption is limited, and most do not advise oral use. Traditional medicine practices utilize other parts of the plant for internal use, this oil is highly concentrated and primarily intended for the skin.

So there you have it – This oil really can do it all! As long as you’re getting the highest quality version of the oil. Don’t be duped by the many imitations out there – Tamanu should be sourced with meticulous precision to sustain its integrity. You’ll know when you find the real deal – The way you look and feel will speak for itself!

It’s honestly one of my new favorite beauty products, and I really don’t think I’ll ever go without in the future.

Sasha Nialla Skincare expert


Sasha is a wellness writer & advertising photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.